Breast cancer can be a complicated experience—and it often requires surgery as well as radiation treatments. BioZorb® was developed to help identify the surgical area—which can be useful when doctors plan radiation treatments and monitor the area of surgery over time.


BioZorb is a marker that is placed by your surgeon during surgery. It is slowly absorbed by the body over time. BioZorb contains marker clips that can be seen on x-rays by your doctors. BioZorb is placed by your surgeon in the area where breast tissue has been removed. It has been shown to be very helpful in breast cancer patients that need radiation treatment after their surgery.3


After BioZorb is implanted by your surgeon, the breast tissue surrounds the implant and begins to heal. BioZorb slowly dissolves over the course of a year or more, while the marker clips remain permanently to mark the area within the breast that your doctor wants to watch closely. The length of time for BioZorb to dissolve varies from patient to patient.


Hear from our patients about their experiences with BioZorb.

BioZorb 3D Bioabsorbable Marker

Clinical experience has shown that BioZorb is not painful and it is well tolerated by patients.4 You may be able to feel the healing tissue and the BioZorb marker as a firm area in the breast, but in most cases, this usually resolves over time.


Since BioZorb can assist in marking the site where the cancer was removed, it can help identify important areas in the breast for radiation therapy and follow-up mammograms.

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