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Our goal is to keep physicians and patients up to date on the latest advancements in breast lumpectomy technology. Click on the videos to see what key opinion leaders are saying about BioZorb’s role in advancing this technology.


Patricia Clark, MD, FACS says the BioZorb implant can improve the cosmetic outcome of breast cancer surgery. It may help limit seroma formation and minimize dimpling of the breast after a lumpectomy. BioZorb also aids the radiation oncologist in identifying the tumor site after oncoplastic surgery and enables them to irradiate a smaller area for the boost treatment.

Breast surgeon Anne Peled, M.D. reports that BioZorb provides a framework for maintaining the shape of the breast after lumpectomy. Her patients like the idea of carefully targeted therapy and a focus on both cancer care and cosmetic results. Radiologists who do follow-up mammograms note the device helps them accurately identify the site of previous cancer.

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Radiation Oncologists

Writing for Imaging Technology News, William Hall, MD, of PeaceHealth, St. Joseph Medical Center, discusses his adoption of BioZorb. When a breast cancer surgeon suggested trying the small implant that marks the surgical site of cancer removal, Dr. Hall says he was skeptical. Clinical experience and a study on the device changed his mind.

The BioZorbâ„¢ three-dimensional surgical marker improved the ability of radiation oncologists to target radiation treatment for breast cancer, according to a scientific presentation at the 2014 American Brachytherapy Society (ABS) Annual Meeting by radiation oncologist Robert Kuske, M.D.

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Marking the site of the excised tumor bed during partial mastectomy is critical for radiation targeting and surveillance for breast cancer recurrence. Steven Harms, MD, a nationally recognized expert in the field of breast MRI, discusses his experience with BioZorb and how it helps radiologists identify the tumor site for breast cancer follow-up exam.

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